HMCE CleanOne2
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HMCE CleanOne2

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The HMCE CleanOne2 is an automatic, ‘all in one’ chamber for pre-disinfection, cleaning, rinsing and drying, prior to sterilisation. One of the most reliable washers on the market.

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CleanOne2 is an ergonomic and energy efficient design that uses ultrasonic cleaning technology which is renowned for its excellent effectiveness.

Step 1 – Storage

• Pre disinfects soiled instruments by immersing in a bath of measured chemical solution.

Step 2 – Cleaning

• Ultrasonic cleaning technology which penetrates even the most difficult and inaccessible areas.

Step 3 – Rinsing

• Ultrasonic rinsing with clean water provides instrument preservation by avoiding typical corrosion from chemical residues.

Step 4 – Drying

• Tangential 80 degree hot air flow provides even and consistent drying, even for an irregular arranged workflow.

The CleanOne 2 is also available on a DB Dental ‘All inclusive’ rental scheme designed to offer ‘stress free’ decontamination equipment at a fixed monthly cost, with the support of our Eastwood Park accredited engineers.

  • One single product for all stages of the pre-sterilisation routine (eliminates the need for an ultrasonic bath and a washer disinfector)
  • Space saving
  • Automatically complies with the dirty – clean procedure
  • Soiled instruments never require handling therefore reducing the risk of infection and sharps injuries
  • Ultrasonic cleaning for improved preservation of instruments
  • External Dimensions: 556 x 560 x 460mm
  • Receptacle Dimensions: 329 x 300 x 200 mm
  • Power: 600W
  • Supply: 220V-240V
  • Solution reservoir: 4.5 litres
  • Cycle time: between 35-50 minutes according to program
  • 2 years manufacturers warranty

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