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Let’s Talk Ergonomics

Anyone who has suffered with back pain will tell you that it’s pretty miserable. It can affect your work, sleep and family life to such an extent that even basic tasks can become a struggle.

Just over 70% of healthcare professionals suffer with lower back pain during their career (Cınar-Medeni, Elbasan and Duzgun, 2017). Over the years, practicing dentistry can take its toll; not just affecting the lower back, but also the spine, muscles, ligaments and nerves in the neck, back and limbs. Left untreated, the pain can become increasingly severe, debilitating, and even career-ending.

One of the things that you can do to prevent the aches, pains and extreme discomfort associated with musculoskeletal disorders is to invest in truly supportive and ergonomic dental equipment. Practitioner health and ease of use have been key considerations for A-dec when developing their new A-dec 500 dental chair.

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Adec 500 -Redefined

Since its launch in 2004, the A-dec 500 has become a well-known dental chair in the industry for comfort, reliability and ease of use. Meticulous craftsmanship and smart engineering have led to multiple award wins, year after year.

Now, A-dec have launched a completely revised and redefined new A-dec 500. There have been significant changes to the upholstery design, delivery systems and important new features have been added. While the backrest remains the iconic stingray-shape, the chair has a sleeker, more modern feel – with the technology to back it up. Read More…

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Lets Talk – PromiseVision3D

PromiseVision is the latest in dental microscope technology. Combining the latest advancements in electronics and high-quality optics this offering a new standard of visualisation to Endodontists and Microscope users.

1. Powerful Video Processor
Real time 3D vision requires the processing power of 20-50 contemporary PC’s to process 10-20 gigabytes of video data per second. 3D Vision has the first processor design providing instantaneous processing at this level and speed.

2. Perfect Ergonomic Position
The 3D monitor and image are placed in a natural and intuitive position for the dentist. The motorized actuator provides monitor height adjustment, for a perfect ergonomic position and a healthy posture on all operative procedures.

3. Normal Depth Perception
An innovative compact and robust optical system directs images to two HD cameras. Left and right cameras capture the images intended for the left and the right eyes – thus eliminating the binocular eyepieces of traditional dental microscopes. These images are processed into a 3D image, yielding the depth perception of normal binocular vision.

4. Unprecedented Depth of Field
The optical design also allows a full arch or quadrant to be viewed with 5X magnification on the monitor. The optics combined with electronic magnification permit unprecedented depth-of-field.

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Lets Talk Focus, Precision, Accuracy

So why invest in a microscope? Why should dentists be using a microscope for every application?

The answer is simple. Focus, precision, accuracy.

Microscopes are now recognised as an essential element within the dental surgery, a piece of equipment which enhances the quality of work, aesthetic outcome and long-term health of the patient. After all, you can only treat what you can see. So lets examine the benefits.

LED Illumination

Seiler offers the largest range of lux in the industry from 5,000 lux to 150,000 lux. Why is this important? Different levels of illumination are needed when working at different levels of magnification. As you increase the power of the magnification you lose light, this is when LED at 150,000 lux gives you the illumination you need to see more.

LED for colour rendition which mimics natural daylight, low heat output and virtually no maintenance.

Steps of Magnification

Seiler offer 3 and 6 steps of magnification enhancing precision and improving the overall quality of all treatments. Treatment planning starts with seeing exactly where you nee it. This is particularly true of endodontic applications, where complex and diverse problems often need treating.

3D Visualisation

The PromiseVision 3D combines the latest advancements in electronics and high-quality optics offering arguably a new standard of visualisation to Endodontists and Microscope users.

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Lets Talk Ergonomics

Dentists are at high risk of musculoskeletal injuries due to the nature of their work. Whilst it is easy to visualise how an accident at work may result in a life limiting illness many work related injuries occur whilst sat in an office chair – or dental stool. These injuries may occur over a longer period of time, but the effects can be just as devastating. The key to preventing musculoskeletal disorders is good ergonomics.

For long enough we have discussed the importance of surgery ergonomics with a focus on the treatment centre and surgery design. Over the past 10 years dentists have become more aware of the benefits of using a dental microscope to improve ergonomics. For some dentists this is their main motivation for investing in a microscope.

Using a microscope encourages optimal working posture and ergonomics which are fundamental to your long term health and wellbeing.

Recent advancements in three dimensional technologies have been adopted by Seiler and integrated into their latest microscope – PromiseVision3D. PromiseVision 3D Imaging Technology eliminates binocular eyepieces and replaces them with a completely natural, intuitive three dimensional image with no loss of magnification, clarity and illumination.

PromiseVision 3D gives you more by eliminating the challenges associated with binocular eyepieces:

• Freedom of movement and less fatigue
• Ergonomically correct posture independent of the instrument
• Restored peripheral vision for improved productivity
• Unprecedented depth of field (30mm) almost eliminates the need for fine focus adjustment
• Intuitive 3D image with no learning curve
• Normal depth perception comparable to a direct view

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Let’s Talk Microscopes

Are you under the misconception that dental microscopes are only a necessity for endodontic procedures?

Dental microscopes have redefined the concept of visualisation, particularly in the field of Endodontics but over the last 10 years generally within all dental applications.

Dental microscopes are now recognised as an essential element within the surgery, a piece of equipment which enhances the quality of work, aesthetic outcome and long-term dental health of the patient.

• Endodontics
• Restorative Dentistry
• Implantology
• Periodontics
• General Dentistry

Find out more at DB Dental are offering dentists the chance to trail a dental microscope over a two week period to experience first hand the benefits of using a dental microscope for all dental treatments.

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Looking to turn your practice digital? Talk to DB Dental about your requirements for digital solutions in practice and your local territory manager will work with you to explore the latest digital innovations and provide the correct digital solution for you. DB Dental can bring digital innovations to your practice car park using the Plandemo. Plandemo features a fully functioning dental unit, intraoral x-ray, CBCT, digital impression scanner, CADCAM and milling system. Click here for more information.

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Planmeca Solanna

Planmeca Solanna™ operating light – Because every detail matters – Click here to see how it can help change your practice.

Brighten your workday with the new Planmeca Solanna LED operating light with less shadows, uniform light, easy positioning, impeccable usability and infection control.

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