Rextar X Handheld X-ray
Rextar X Handheld X-Ray

Rextar X Handheld X-ray

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Rextar X – Quick Fast and Easy.

The Rextar is a quick and reliable handheld intra oral x-ray saving you time money and space. This lightweight portable unit is easy to maintain and can very effective within a practice when needing to change from one surgery to another.

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Rextar X The Portable Dental X-Ray System

  • It’s camera like design is easy to use, portable and lightweight which means it is easy to share between surgeries or for domicillary.

  • Flexible Rextar X exposure settings are easily adjusted for digital sensors, image plates or traditional wet film.

  • Safety Dual lead shielding, 20cm cone, rectangular collimator and 70KV generator make the Rextar safer than a wall mount unit.

  • Space, time and money Save your practice space, time and money. No cumbersome wall mounts taking up valuable wall space. No retakes because the x-ray arm drifted during exposure. What’s more you may want to consider replacing multiple wall mounted x-ray systems with one or two handheld units which can then be shared between surgeries.

A revolution in intra oral x-ray.

  • Portable lightweight design
  • Camera like design
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with image plates, sensors or wet film
  • Low Dose
  • Best results in PHE evaluation
  • Rextar Hand Held X ray- 0.07 mSv 70% less than a fixed wall mount unit
  • 70kv Generator
  • Dual lead shielding
  • 20cm cone
  • Rectangular collimator

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