Digital Dental Treatment Centres

Manage your clinic effectively

Planmeca are the first to offer an innovative linkage between digital dental units and software. The dental units can be easily networked via Planmeca Romexis® Clinic Management for automatic registration of user activities. A multitude of quality-assurance and remote maintenance related services are available for new and existing Planmeca dental unit users.

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“"Working ergonomics are perfect - the design is very slim so I don't need to work with my elbows up in my face. The chair is also very comfortable for the patients. After all, it is the patient who pays, so this is important. Also the fact that the chair is mounted on the unit is, in my opinion, the best feature - everything is in one unit. And the touch screen with its clear symbols is so easy to use even a child can do it."”

Dr Claes Karlsson, DDS

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