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Belmont Clesta II

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Belmont Clesta II is a flexible and upgradeable package backed by Belmont reliability and 5 year warranty. Air and electric options paired with a comprehensive range of delivery options means that this treatment centre can be tailored to the user’s exact needs and specification.

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Clesta II treatment centres represent outstanding flexibility and the very best of Belmont’s hygiene-conscious design. Air and electric options across the comprehensive range of delivery systems means that any practice or hospital can fulfil its exact requirements. The improved comfort of Clesta II’s chair an ideal base on which to build your dental system.

Clesta II over-patient delivery: Versatile, balanced and precise delivery systems providing total working comfort between the 9 and 1 o’clock positions.

‘Holder’ or ‘Continental’ Rod: Ergonomic and hygiene features are standard on all Clesta II treatment centres. Easy-clean detachable parts including removable spittoon bowl, seamless easy clean upholstery and removable soft rubber, none slip instrument mat to aid hygiene maintenance.

Ergonomics and comfort: Over –patient versatility for comfortable single and four handed working positions. Chair movements are synchronised and smooth eliminating the anxiety and insecurity that is common among patients. Extending and rotating the Assistant’s console enables very comfortable single handed operation. Smooth balance-arm movement delivers the console to any position between 9 and 1 o’clock and permits precise positioning for access to the oral cavity.

Cuspidor & control: Excellent assistant access at 3 o’clock position and easy clean, hygiene-conscious design. Easy-clean, detachable cup-filler holder, spittoon bowl and vacuum tubes. Control all chair movements by hand or foot.

Clesta II Flexible Treatment centres: mobile cart and cabinet module delivery systems offer space-saving qualities and the opportunity to configure the practice’s treatment centre exactly as desired.

  • Belmont Reliability
  • Belmont 5 year warranty
  • Flexible delivery system options
  • Lifting Capacity 22 stone

Clesta II-CM Over-Patient Surgery System ‘A’ and ‘E’ Chair-mounted Over-Patient Holder and Rod type delivery system features include:

  • OPTION: Left-handed installation
  • Easy-clean membrane switch panel
  • 3 handpiece outlets with individual air & water control
  • Handpiece line flush-out system
  • 3-way autoclavable syringe
  • Film viewer
  • Easily-detached porcelain cuspidor bowl with 180˚ rotation
  • OPTION: Blue / Pink / Green glass bowl (in place of porcelain cuspidor bowl)
  • Assistant’s console
  • Assistant 3-way autoclavable syringe
  • Easily-detached HV & ejector tubings
  • Automatic bowl-flush & cup-filler
  • Bottled water system
  • Assistant-side chair preset controls
  • Light-post assembly ‘E’ delivery system also includes the following additional features:
  • NSK NLX-Plus fibre-optic micro motor
  • Preset micro motor & torque control with auto-reverse & digital display
  • 2 fibre-optic turbine hoses
  • First priority handpiece selection
  • Handpiece oil mist collector
    Clesta II dental chair features include:
  • Twin-articulating headrest
  • 2 preset positions, Last position memory (LP) & auto-return
  • Swing-out armrest
  • Integral service centre
  • Synchronised axis backrest 8-way foot control Clesta II Options:
  • Clesta II CM over patient holder type A or E
  • Clesta II over patient rod type E
  • Clesta II flexible system
  • Clesta II M Cabinet delivery
  • MC Mobile cart delivery system Unit mounted operating light:
  • 920 LED
  • NDL-PG
  • 720S Upholstery options:
  • Standard
  • Ultrasoft seamless
  • Ultrasoft luxury

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