Adec 200

Adec 200

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A-dec 200 is a complete system packed with features for added accessibility and comfort–all at a great value.

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A-dec 200 is a complete system packed with features for added accessibility and comfort–all at a great value and all from the people who build the most dependable dental equipment in the world, A-dec. A-dec 200 includes dental chair, delivery system, assistant’s instrumentation, dental light, and support center with cuspidor.

Double-articulating headrest - Adjusts easily for improved comfort for you and your patients.

Locking 2-position swivelling armrests - Provides easy patient entry and exit.

Reliable hydraulic-lift system - Results in ultra-quiet, smooth chair movement.

Ergonomically synchronized seat articulation - Ensures patient comfort when chair is in motion

300-watt power supply - Provides more than enough power for the whole system; powers light and additional ancillary devices.

Delivery System

Open platform design - Allows you to add new technology as your practice changes and technology evolves.

5 adjustable holders - Pivots so you can position your instruments for maximum comfort.

Integrated work surface - Provides room for two standard trays.

Adjustable handle - Positions so you can easily guide the delivery system into a comfortable angle.

Optional touchpad - Operates chair, light, and cuspidor to put functionality at your fingertips.

Self-contained waterline maintenance system - Includes a 2-liter water bottle, an innovative control block, and tubing made with AlphaSan. Add the revolutionary ICX waterline treatment tablet for worry-free waterline maintenance.

Assistant’s Instrumentation

Telescoping arm - Allows comfortable access to vacuum instruments while performing 2- or 4-handed dentistry.

3-position holder - Accommodates High Volume Evacuator (HVE), Saliva Ejector (SE), and optional syringe and touchpad.

Adjustable holder - Rotates as a group and pivots independently to allow customized instrument positioning.

Dental Light

3 axes light head - Lets you position the light at just the right angle for you and your patient.

Auto On/Off function with optional touchpad - Turns the dental light on automatically when the chair reaches the treatment position and turns it off in the entry/exit position.

Two intensity settings - Includes a high and composite/low setting that reduces the chance for premature composite curing.

Support Centre with Cuspidor

Stain-resistant, porcelain cuspidor - Rotates toward the patient for easy access.

Self-contained, 2-liter water bottle - Provides a continuous water supply through multiple procedures.

Ample storage room inside support centre - Accommodates ancillaries such as an amalgam separator and vacuum system.

Durable: With A-dec 200, you get robust dental equipment engineered to withstand years of constant use.

Advanced features: A-dec 200 is designed to meet your specific requirements and enhance patient care with increased chair-ride comfort, efficient touchpad control, and improved light performance.

Convenient: Available in a complete system–all the dental equipment you need for an up-to-date, technology-ready dental operatory.

Chair Section Features Include:

• Integrated 300-watt power supply

• Chair back and base limit switch

• Hydraulic base and tilt

• Dual-articulating and gliding headrest

Chair Mounted operating Lights:

• A-dec 500 LED

• A-dec 300 LED

• A-dec 500 Halogen

• A-dec 200 Halogen

Delivery Options:

• A-dec 200

• A-dec 300 Continental

• A-dec 300 Traditional

Upholstery Options:

• Seamless

Assistant Instruments:

• A-dec (aluminium) with touchpad

• Durr (polymer) without touchpad

Range of lift height: 15.75” to 28.75” (400 mm to 730 mm)

Flexible backrest: 2.25” (55 mm), seamless

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