Honesty Dental Care Installation

Richard Denny and wife Carole settled on Baildon as their choice to launch their new dental practice; Honesty Dental Care.

Both Richard and Carole were keen to move away from the more traditional style of dental chairs with the all too familiar blue upholstery, and move towards a design that is more ergonomic, stylish and comfortable for their patients. Having tried and tested numerous dental chairs, they came across the A-dec stand at the BDA exhibition, showcasing the A-dec 500 in lime green, sewn upholstery (Parrot). They agreed this was the colour for them as it felt fresh and modern. After experiencing the A-dec 500 chair, Richard and Carole both agreed this was the dental chair for them as it offered extreme levels of comfort and ergonomics, providing Richard with the complete package he was after.

Honesty Dental Care has now been open for a few months. When asked what patients are saying about their new surgery, Carole replied, “They love it, as we do; they say it is not like going to the dentist – it’s too pleasant, the chair is so comfortable, and the whole surgery has this relaxed spa-like feel.”

“A quality service delivered by professionals in a friendly manner, their team was helpful and constructive.”

Project Manager, Honesty Dental Care

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